Life Church Vision and Mission

The church we see is a thriving healthy church made up of people of all ages, races, and status; a church where every member is a minister and is fulfilling their purpose in God.  We see alive and interactive ministry to children, teens, singles, couples, divorced, single parents, elderly and people of all walks of life.  We see dynamic, energetic, and upbeat worship, allowing God to flow in great power and love.

As we grow we see a whole ministry center, full of life that is meeting the needs of all ages- spirit, soul and body. We see all kinds of outreach to those in need. We see a quality Christian school, with preschool thru 12th grade and a daycare serving the needs of our congregation and community! We see a complete, functioning family of believers of all ages, serving God and establishing His Kingdom on the earth for His glory!

Our mission at Life Church is to equip people to flourish in life!